Well, Come!
“What kind of music do you play? “

“Christoph Bull likes organ music, rock music,

and rocking organ music.”

He has been called “rock star organist”, “Tiger Woods of the organ” and “most versatile musician on the planet”.

He plays classical music with a rock musician’s sense of rhythm, a jazz musician’s sense of improvisation and a classical musician’s technique.

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The premiere recording of the Glatter-Götz/Rosales organ at Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles

is available below as well as on Amazon and iTunes:

The album is also available at the L.A. Phil Store:

131 South Grand Ave, L.A., CA 90012

Tel.: (213) 972-3440

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First & Grand  Summary

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And the listeners’ verdict is in:

Wonderful, wonderful.  The organ sounds incredible, the recording is superb. 

A self-produced album with the quality of the biggest record company.”

– David Muller

“WOW!!!!!!!  Three works of art: The Organ, The Disney Hall and Christoph Bull.” 

– Larry Wilson

“Christoph Bull.  Beautiful organ.  And if you don't like organ, you'll change your mind after hearing this!”

– Tom Schnabel, KCRW

“A surprisingly intimate look at the organ itself.”

– Laurence Vittes, The Huffington Post

“I've very much enjoyed listening to it.  You certainly explore the organ wonderfully.”

– Fred Swann

“I'm delighted by your new disc!”

– Paul Jacobs

“Congrats on the stunning Disney Hall CD, Christoph!  It was really worth the wait.  After all this time, we finally have a recording on our own concert hall organ.  The physical presentation alone won me before I even got home and loaded it into iTunes for my iPod and iPhone.  It was wonderful.  Thank you so much!”

– Marcus LaCroix

“I have really been enjoying your CD – very creative and full of energy!  I especially like the estampie arrangement and the Beethoven improvisation.  You are truly a rock star organist!”

– Kimberly Marshall

“What an inspiring variety of sounds and powerful tone. Love the program choice too.

A great debut recording for that organ – historic!”

– Antonio Lysy

“The rock star of the organ world . . . A version of ‘A Day In The Life’ you will never forget.”

John Rabe, KPCC, NPR

FREE mp3


Rheinberger Trio g

Noack tracker organ

(through February)

Below is a video of Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in A minor, BWV 543, played on a Fisk pipe organ.

More info on the Pacific Symphony organ series “Pedals & Pipes”, which Christoph Bull inaugurated:

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